Pure Divine Alignment

12 Divine Tones; Ancient Tibetan Bowls; Didgeridoo; Rain Stick; 12 Divine Tones have each been sung 12 times increasing a “bed” of divine harmonics.

These Divine Tones govern awakening to a perfect state, expressions, solutions, facilitate change, transformation, miracles, reconnecting, relationships, reduce pain, influence energy fields, turn grief into joy.

The Bowls encourage alignment with the divine and repair disruption in the etheric field.

Rain Stick used as intentional tool to create a more fluid energy and connection to spirit.

Didgeridoo: This is a wide and as yet very poorly represented issue. Didgeridoo healing is the use of didgeridoo sound to heal people (and animals). The didgeridoo is an instrument that produces low frequency sound that we can hear and actual vibrations that we can feel. The didgeridoo seems to produce near infra-sound in the 2-20 hertz range – brain waves are in the 2-20 hertz range. The low frequencies have a noticeable effect on living tissue, creating a calm environment