Core Voice Connection | Therapeutic Sound and Wellness

Connecting to Your Core Voice

What do we mean by Core Voice?
Many of us do not speak, sing or tone in our full voice.  When in half-voice or a non-resonant voice, the speaker and the listener are not benefiting from the lack of sound or the message that you are trying to convey.   Because sound, (your voice) travels through the outer ear and then throughout the body via the vagus nerve — impacting brain waves, respiratory rate and heart rate, it’s important that you are in a full developed resonant sound.  The sound that your ear and the listener’s ear pays attention to….as I say in training, “the ear falls in love with resonant sound.”

Training is designed for the speaker, toner, singer – in other words – anyone that is interested in improving their voice. The training begins with understanding the voice and how it works, then connecting to the core sound so that the individual can bring a full resonant sound. This is an ideal workshop for troubleshooting voice/throat problems in a group setting. The workshop tends to focus on the physiology of the throat and voice but does take on a more holistic and compassionate view as one’s voice is a very personal thing. It is not to be underestimated the significance of the importance of expressing oneself and being heard. The workshop includes: Core Voice Connection, How the Voice Works, Breathing, Vocal Care, Importance of Your Voice, Healing the Body with the Voice (if you so choose) and more.

Connecting the speaking voice to the “core” voice is a step by step process. With this connection is a resonant sound that commands the speaker and the room. This training puts the speaker in control of their “human instrument” i.e. their voice and posture. This work benefits speaking, voice issues, confidence and vocal health. When connected to the full voice, the speaker becomes more believable, engaging the listener and increasing trust of the message being conveyed. This workshop is fun and empowering for beginners to advanced. It is a great introduction for people that would like to continue to investigate their voice and voice issues.

The Human Voice
Intentional use of the voice in speaking, chanting, singing, and toning has been used throughout the history of mankind. Many studies have been done on what exactly happens when we fully use our voice. Neurological imaging has shown changes in blood flow to the brain, in addition to other biological markers of increased well-being. One study demonstrated a positive emotional effect and immune competence confirmed by the increased presence of secretory immunoglobulin A in saliva swabs after a choir rehearsal, and even more marked increase after a performance (Kreutz et al, 2006).  The importance of being in Core Voice cannot be underestimated.

Breathing Easy/Releasing Nerves
Breathing and Posture are almost as important as finding your Core Voice.  There is a process of finding your own stance, breathing so that you are comfortable, looking relaxed and feeling comfortable.  Supporting the voice with proper breathing gives you a new lease on using your voice so that it is becomes more like an instrument, allowing you to make choices as a speaker, singer, toner and more.

The Power of the Voice/Toning
One of the most powerful instruments for healing and transformation is the human voice.  Singing, over toning and the chanting of mantras profoundly affect our well-being due to their therapeutic and calming influence.  The process of toning, which are extended sounds designed for improved health and relaxation help release energy blockages from the body. With this knowledge, we see the importance to bring as much “sound” to the table as possible so that you may enjoy the full effects of using your voice.

In Summary
This training is an opportunity that highlights your strengths, reveals your weaknesses and gives you the information you need to treat your voice as an instrument.  This process gives you the vocal personality needed to set you apart from everyone else and in the meantime, feel the full effects of resonant sound while realizing your professional/personal goals.