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Welcome to Therapeutic Sound and Wellness

We deal solely with Sound Therapy and the music prescribed for various physical, mental and spiritual states.

Our Sound Therapy are musically harmonious modalities combined with Scalar Frequencies, Terahertz Frequencies and BioAcoustics to support allopathic medicine aiding in emotional and physical health through alignment – but more importantly harmonics. It is a given that our environment and bodies are frequencies/harmonics in motion. All of this is managed by a law of attraction. Our intention is to allow awareness of a well-functioning resonant and harmonic state of well-being.

Sound Therapy Training | Michigan Center for Sound Healing


Music is used to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

Sound Therapy Training | Michigan Center for Sound Healing


Training the healthcare professional and individuals in Sound Therapy methods and techniques

Sound Therapy Music


Listen to samples and purchase sound therapy music for your specific therapies.

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The Power of Vibrational Medicine: Healing with the Bioacoustics of Nature

Groundbreaking research field of medicine demonstrates that communication occurs primarily through changes in electromagnetic fields, which precede chemical changes. With advanced technology we are now able to observe and monitor the presence of the human subtle energy field that has been previously undetectable by conventional methods.

iTeraCare Frequency Device

iTeraCare Frequency Device

Enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.

The core cause of diseases is linked to cell deficiencies. iTeracare Therapy Device, is a wave frequency found between far infrared and microwave with a wavelength between 30 and 3,000 microns which is the same wave length absorbed by the human cells.

The Power of Vibrational Medicine: Healing with the Bioacoustics of Nature

Groundbreaking research in the field of medicine demonstrates that regulation and communication within living organisms can no longer be adequately explained through strictly chemical mechanical means.

This innovative work examines health from the viewpoint that illness is initiated by imbalances in the energy systems of the body and proposes that methods to detect and to correct these imbalances are integral to a comprehensive health system.

Research demonstrates that tissue and organs have collective, coherent frequencies that regulate cellular processes; disruption leads to deregulation and illness. Providing ‘healthy’ frequencies, entraining the oscillations back to coherence, can often restore homeostasis in the body. This opens the possibility for sound and bioacoustic frequencies as an option to restore the natural balance.

With advanced technology, we are now able to observe and monitor the presence of the body’s subtle energy fields that have been previously undetectable by conventional methods. The research presented here demonstrates that we are missing a vital dimension in our current model of conventional medicine, the realm of bioelectromagnetic and subtle energy fields.

The Power Of Vibrational Medicine Book

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I am LOVING your music!! I’ve been referring to your site

Homeopathy & Natural Health Care
Gretchen Weger Snell, BS, DiHOM

My experience with Sayonic Music™ has been nothing short of miraculous. Not only has listening to the music for a half hour everyday changed my brain allowing me to think more clearly, increased my attention and focus and improved my sleep, it has also facilitated a change in my spine! For my entire adult life I have had a lordatic spine which is a pelvic forward tilt that causes the rib cage to jut out in front. After two weeks of listening to Sayonic Music, my lower back had lengthened and my ribs are more in line with my pelvis. Amazing! I experience walking, dancing and practicing yoga as full of ease. It’s not perfect yet, so I’m still listening. Thanks Kate; you have my deepest gratitude.

20 year veteran Yoga Instructor, Black Belt
West Bloomfield, MI

Results of the research of Sayonic Therapeutic Sound are in and they are REMARKABLE!

After two weeks of listening to Sayonic:


of the participants were able to sustain improvements in their autonomic nervous system coherence.


of the participants demonstrated improvements in Heart Rate Variability


of the participants reported marked improvements in patterns of sleep.

Participants reported significant improvements in mood and temperament, the ability to handle stress, the capacity to address unresolved emotional pain, and reduction in physical pain.

Sayonic Sound Therapy has recently been featured on the healthy web page by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. For access to the page and a sample of the CD click here.

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