Seventh Chakra

Wow! Words are not enough to express the capacity of the crown chakra. Situated at top-center of your head, this chakra presents the possibility of enlightenment. Though balancing it won’t make us a Buddha, it will surely carry us to peaks of spiritual ecstasy and connect us with our life’s purpose.

If you’re blocked here, you’re far from alone. A healthy crown chakra is rare. It is the gift of tireless efforts in spiritual self-development. When blocked, we may be confused about our career and lack lasting, rapturous peace. For maximum results at balancing this chakra, we must first ensure the well being of our previous chakras. Having this chakra too open is rarely a problem, unless you dislike joy and harmony. Yet, we live among the disenchanted. We must be able to communicate with both the cynic and the sorrowful. Otherwise we are trapped in our own mind. As safe as this place is, it can get pretty lonely.

Chakra Seven is actually one of the few in body chakras fully activated at birth. The spiritual energy emanating from our higher ort of body chakras enters our body and the chakra system through the baby’s soft spot the initial crown entry point. Here lies the ability to claim or divinity right from the start. The physical closing of this center symbolizes need for us to develop as planned, to live the life set forth for us by our human self and our parents.

Connected to the pineal gland, cerebral cortex, and our higher chakras, this chakra regulates many in and out of body functions.  Currents of energy are taken into the body through a stream entering the crown chakra. The psychic center for higher knowing, it receives the spiritual energies and guidance necessary to activate our purpose.  Because it is connected to higher planes the seventh chakra is seen as the center of our divinity, the place through which we know our unity with the Divine Source and all other spiritual beings.

During our middle puberty ages, our body completes itself. This is the time to completely open to being one with our past, with others and with our spiritual plan. However, blocks forged on our life journey, plus the family and societal beliefs that fail to support our purpose, can cause these years to be a time for struggle and confusion rather than the unfoldment of grace and purpose. Many of the decisions young people make during this time are unfortunately made out of programmed beliefs about how to fit in, rather than an emerging sense of individuality.

Put your hands before your stomach. Let the ring fingers point up, touching at their tops. Cross the rest of your fingers, with the left thumb underneath the right.

Point: Crown

Color: White/Violet/Clear

Emotions:  Clarity, Cleansing, Clearing Negativity, Universal Energy, All colors are within it.

Tone: B

Vowel: EE

Crystal Correction: Clear quartz is a trusted healer for all chakras, but it particularly useful in opening the closed crown. Due to the 7th chakras location, the crystal selected should be small enough to rest on the top of your head. This stone provides clarity of purpose and allows us to see the broader meaning in everyday events. In doing so, it guides us to understand and live in sync with universal truths. For those with an overly open crown chakra, hematite is healing. It is also grounding. By drawing attention to the practical realities of existence, this dark and powerful stone will help us meet our own and others earthly needs.  Other crystals/gems – Purple Fluorite, Quartz Crystal, Selenite, Diamond, Alexandrite, Amethyst

Location: Top of the Head (Crown, baby’s soft spot)

Essential Oil: White Angelica

Seraphim: Kether – Divine force available – Eheieh – I Am that I Am (Deepest spiritual aspect of divine we can experience)

Archangel Most Accessible:  Metatron – King of Angels (Links divine and humans; gifted human with Kabala)

Sprits Most Accessible:  Chaioth ha-Qadesh- Holy Living Creatures (Reveal love, light and fire in humans and nature)

Age: 14-21

Mental Belief: Beliefs registering our place in the world and in the systems around us, our roles, our capabilities, and our career expectations.

Feeling Component: Can be origin of confusion between self and parts of us setting goals. Linked to all feelings that refer to the sense of belonging and choices about what groups or systems to join.

Physical Processes: Maturation of the adult body and the outward completion of inner traits.

Descriptors: Spiritual entities and essences, such as spirit or God forms, angels or powers. Contains the yang ability to live our divine identity by expressing purpose and the yin ability to take in energies essential to feeding our spiritual nature.

Spiritual Perceptions: Awareness of purpose and our own guiding principles.

Source of: Divine awareness.

Seat of: Our oneness with all

Key Word: Divinity

Energy Type: Etheric, a materialized form of spiritual energy originating beyond the earth’s space/time continuum.

Physical Communication Style: Describes our physical needs and emotional desires through our thoughts and any actions that feed our purpose.

Psychic Communication Style: A higher level of kinesthetic awareness felt as divine inspiration, metatonic or peak experiences, spiritual awakenings and the like.

Psychological: Symbolizes purity of mind and body and the strongest link to the spirit world

Mantra: I am one with all that is which allows me to release rebellion and experience oneness.

Physical: Pineal

Symptoms When Unbalanced: Immune system disorders; cancers; bone disorders; nervous system disorders. All problems relating to the pineal gland, which operates as the psychic attunement and purpose center, and as an immune system regulator. Learning disorders or difficulties; schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, neurosis or psychosis; major depression. Headaches; dizziness or light headed ness. Dissociation or being ungrounded; imbalance of any type; lack of self-understanding; lack of direction.

Contains: The receptive means for understanding path and purpose.

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