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Therapeutic Sound and Sayonic Music ™

Our mission is to produce our clients with emotional and physical health using trademarked / researched  harmonically rich sound. By introducing “healing sounds” within a field of “advanced harmonics” the body is receptive to receiving which can eliminate disruption. Therapeutic Sound and Wellness applies Sayonic Sound as an underpinning to all of our healing modalities to deepen the re-tuning through energetics and alignment.

The Practitioners

Kate Hart Head shot
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Kate Hart

Multi Grammy nominated, Kate began singing the Blues in 1968. In 1972 she recorded the single “Syncopated Love” for Stag Records. Hart headed West, eventually ending up in the Northwest where she would form the acclaimed all-star revue Seattle Women in 1985. By that time she was being acknowledged with a number of awards and in 1990 released her Grammy-nominated debut solo album, “Tonight I Want It All.” In 2000 she released the appropriately-titled “Queen of the Night” to positive reviews along with the double Grammy-nominated rock album “Lucy Mongrel” featuring her alter ego. Hart returned home to Detroit in 2002 where she once again, quickly established herself and convened the award-winning group Detroit Women, garnering 26 Detroit Music Awards along with her group and solo work being realized as two of the artists, who have most influenced the Detroit music/scene in the last 100 years.

Along with music being a huge part of her life, Kate’s journey on the path of spirituality, began when she was ten, the year being 1961. Kate didn’t get back to actively pursuing alternative matters until 1989. While still touring and garnering awards for her recordings and live performances, Kate began to teach voice, voice over instruction, connecting to core voice and more. Kate quickly saw what a difference it made to all ages to connect to their core voice. Shifts in confidence and health were more typical than not which lead to a natural progression into working with sound as a therapeutic modality. Combined with her studies of ancient cultures and writings, Kate discovered frequencies that are related to deep alignment. She has taken not only these frequencies, but much more, leading to her music being researched. The unique process is now trademarked being and called “Sayonic Music” ™. Kate’s music is currently being used by individuals, massage therapists, nurses, dentists, naturopaths, cranial sacral therapists and more.

Gretchen Weger Snell – Researcher and Practitioner

Since 1989, Gretchen Weger Snell, has been teaching clients how to build their health, energy and vitality using natural therapeutics. From infancy to elderly, at any level of illness or disease, homeopathy and natural medicines can improve and restore overall health. In her practice, she teaches, coaches and challenges her clients to take charge of their own internal healing power. From a homeopathic perspective, illness and disease represent an imbalance in the body’s vital force. Symptoms provide a road map to identify any impedance in the natural flow of energy. Whether on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, the imbalance will always register in the electromagnetic, or bioenergetic field. Imbalances in the bioenergy can be detected and the effects monitored during treatment to observe the progression of healing. Because imbalances initiate in the energy field, many times potential problems can be detected and removed prior to developing more serious diseases.

Homeopathy and Natural Therapeutics (Herbs, Nutraceuticals and Homotoxicological remedies) are utilized to successfully remove blocks in the physical, mental and emotional and energetic bodies thus restoring balance and free flow to the body’s vital force. A balanced body, mind and energy field is capable of self-repair from damage and toxic influences. A Comprehensive Health Analysis comprises ElectroDermal Analysis, Iridology and Classical Homeopathic Interview. Modalities and treatments include: Homeopathy and Homotoxicology, Herbs and Botanical Therapeutics, Nutrition, Physiological Regulating Medicine, Acupressure and Auricular Pain Management, Soft Laser Therapy, Stress Management, Bach Flower Remedies and Counseling.

Homeopathy, a proven system of medicine for over 200 years, is practiced widely throughout the world. It works by stimulating the body’s natural defenses rather than suppressing symptoms. Natural remedies are used which are non-toxic and do not cause side effects. Homeopathy’s foundation is built upon a complete system of laws, philosophy, theories and practice.

Gretchen Weger Snell is a graduate of the Institute of Natural Health Sciences and the University of Michigan.

Education and certifications include:

  • Master of Science Degree – Homeopathy & Natural Health Science
    • Institute of Natural Health Sciences (INHS), a Michigan state-licensed school for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.
  • Diplomat of Homeopathy (INHS)
  • Bioenergetics Certification (INHS)
  • Midwest Academy for the Healing Arts
    • Integra Practitioner I & II
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • University of Michigan
  • Faculty advisor and instructor at the Institute of Natural Health Sciences
  • Member of the Scientific and Medical Network

Additionally, she is a faculty advisor and an instructor at the Institute of Natural Health Sciences. Natural Path Consulting is located at 2185 South Milford Road.

Diane Barrett

Dr. Diane Barrett

Dr. Diane Barrett received her PhD from Northcentral University. She brings not only healing skills but also technology skills to the industry. Her technical background allows her to explain the science and technology behind sound healing practices in terms that are easy to understand.

In her previous work, Dr. Barrett held various research, training, and management positions. She has instructed at both the collegiate and corporate levels, authored multiple technical books, and was an associate editor for the Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law and the President of the Digital Forensic Certification Board. She is an advisory board member for Medtrics, LLC, a medical education software company. Her most recent coursework includes Sound Healing with Tuning Forks, Biofield Tuning, and Therapeutic Sound and Wellness Training For Professional Use.

Combining Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
Sound is recognized as the most important form of vibrational energy. Sound is in constant motion and is made up of three important interconnecting elements Pulse, Wave, and Form. These elements form a trinity of action in order to create one powerful force.

Tuning forks are instruments used for sound healing therapy that produce specific sound frequencies in different parts of the body to release energy blocks. In a tuning fork session, the beneficial process of resonance occurs. If a frequency is applied by focusing the sound generated by tuning forks on various parts of the body, it can help to establish a new pattern of balance, erasing the detrimental patterns caused by the negative resonance pattern of ill health.

When combined with compatible music, the healing process is intensified. 

Services offered at Therapeutic Sound and Wellness include: All healing/movement modalities set to the healing sounds of Sayonic Music ™

Drop-in and private voice lessons | Voice over training | Subtle movement (Moving Lymph/Fluid) | Speech and performance mentoring | Finding your core voice/Connecting to God-self | Private and semi-private yoga instruction | Life coaching and energy healing | Group and individual sound healing sessions and training | Musical tone balancing | Weekly group sound baths | Therapeutic sound training supporting healthcare practitioners (including dentistry)