Original Healing Sounds – Custom Sound Therapy Music for Your Business

If you are a massage therapist, spa, sound healer, hospital, hospice or an avid listener, allow us to compose and tailor music for your needs. We consult with you on what you are looking for i.e. dream state, healing, specific health issues, balance, emotions, elemental needs. This is accomplished using the frequency that governs the properties of the criteria, creating beautiful harmonic music.

Meditating woman with singing bowl

“The power of music and sound to invoke healing has been well known throughout the ages. Music is commonly associated with its intimate connections to the emotions. In relation to spiritual matters, the union between music and ritual is almost universal. Because music is a means of nonverbal communication, its ability to influence behavior has been considered mystical and supernatural for thousands of years.”

Our music is a combined orchestration of the forgotten Divine tones (Solfeggio scale), healing harmonics, strategic frequencies, the human voice and percussion to give a “heartbeat” to the compositions. Whenever possible we duplicate an instrumental tone with the human voice – then add tones within the harmonic chain creating a field of harmonics, allowing a sense of alignment for the listener. This music is used for meditation, healing and pure enjoyment.

Get started on your custom composition today!