Therepeutic Sound Music

An Overview of an Informal Therapeutic Sound Workshop

What does it look like?

I begin by sharing information in regards to the history of sound, my history and how I even ended up doing this work. Then I give examples of connecting people to their core voice – which is always a revelation to the group and the individual on how much stronger their voice actually is. This takes place in a matter of minutes. Then (if desired) I give an example of the Tibetan throat singing, spending time showing people how to do it. It’s fun and informative.  Following this demonstration, I have ancient Tibetan bowls (15th and 16th century) that I pass around and allow people to try their hand at. At the end of this session I do a group healing through a unique music as I have a portable sound set up. When stating that this music is different, it’s not without being able to back it up. The process I use is unique and singular, which is why I have been able to trademark it.

These demonstrations can be as short or as long as they need to be. They can be anything from an overview to a more in depth experience.