Sixth Chakra

Many know this energy center, located between the brows, as the 3rd eye. If in balance, this chakra gives us the ability to peer beyond appearances, revealing our innate psychic potential. When it is blocked, however, we limit ourselves to unexamined facts. This leads to rigid thinking and interrupted joy. However, if we are too open here we may be disconnected from the physical world. An inability to shut the psychic eye, when fitting, floods with an upsetting sense of unreality. Balance is key. As we dream, we also must wake.

Revered since ancient times, this chakra, also called the “third eye”, is our inner and outer visual center. Through it, we obtain, record, and send pictures, symbols, colors, and images that represent reality. Linked to the pituitary gland, this center regulates many of our hormonal and endocrine functions, basing its physical health on our self-image and goals. As Gerber says, “The endocrine glands are part of a powerful master control system that affects… the body from the level of cellular gene activation on up to the function of the central nervous system. The chakras are thus able to affect our moods and behavior through hormonal influences on the brain activity”


Point: Pituitary Gland, Brow

Color: Indigo/Purple

Emotions: Wisdom, Protection, Vision, Responsibility, Understanding, Seeking, Power

Tone: Aye (IEE)

Vowel: A A#

Crystal Correction: A moonstone placed on the 6th chakra can clear the issues that blind our intuition, and open the mind to the unseen. Because moonstone is related to cycles of change, it invites personal growth. This helps us tune into flow, welcoming spontaneity and releasing rigidity. With an unnecessarily open 3rd eye, blue lace agate is needed. This pretty, sky-blue stone sharpens our focus, clearing out the clutter of psychic distraction.

Other Crystals and Gems: Quartz Crystal, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Sapphire and Sodalite

Location: Between the Eyebrows

Essential Oil: Cedar wood

Seraphim:  Binah/Female/Left Side Divine force available Jehovah Elohim – perfection of creation (divine aspect that gives understanding & new birth)

Archangel Most Accessible:  Taphikiel – Angel of spiritual strife against evil (brings understanding; eases sorrows; aids rebirth)

Spirits Most Accessible:  Aralim – Strong and might ones (give sustenance and understanding; guard mother earth) Chokmah/Male/Right Side Jah (Jehovah) – Divine, ideal wisdom (divine that oversees the heavens influence upon us)  Archangel most accessible:  Ratziel- Angel of hidden knowledge and concealment (teaches and reveals starry and hidden influences)

Age: 8½ to 14

Spiritual Perceptions: Origin of the abilities to register and establish the soul’s vision of our life. The sixth chakra pertains to the development of our self-image as well it might for it opens during puberty. While our bodies are beginning to mature sexually, this chakra is busy recording the familial and societal standards set for men and women. We are emotionally vulnerable during this developmental period and tend to personalize these messages. If we feel good about ourselves and our gender, later in life we will be able to select visions and goals that serve our highest potential. If the views around us deflate our gender, and therefore our self and body image, our sights will be set too low in areas such as relationships, schoolwork and goals.

It is interesting that during this time period we also develop our clairvoyance, the ability to see clearly. If we can learn to see ourselves clearly to see how loving and beautiful we are, we will be able to set goals and solve problems from our truths rather than our blocks. If the opposite occurs, we will have problems the rest of our live with really imagining ourselves as worthy of the good things in life.

Psychological: Self Image. How am I perceived? How do I fit in?

Mantra: I know who I am which allows me to release conceit and embody meekness

Physical: Uses ability to see, draw or otherwise project images to communicate or determine physical or emotional needs or desires.

Psychic Communication Style: Called clairvoyance (clear seeing), this chakra can help us internally visualize images, including colors, symbols, forms, metaphors and literal or figurative pictures of beings, events, or ideas from the past, present, or future. This ability also pertains to being able to send this type of visual data. Some people are able to perform clairvoyant functions with their physical eyes. Work done with this ability usually applies to clearly seeing and working with the imagination.

Intuitive Communication Style: The means employed by the soul to communicate desires for the future, and to present views that need to be changed to reach it. Advanced intuits can actually create their projections with the use of imagination or “I-magic-ation:  Insight, inspiration, and other visually based abilities are based here.

Symptoms When Unbalanced: Glandular or endocrine issues (this chakra is linked to the pituitary gland); for the future; eyesight issues; headaches in the brow indicate a problem with the third eye, either from over-use or under-sue, adolescent issues.

Visual: The pineal gland in the brain which is said to be a sensory organ. It enables the individual to see, hear write and work with spirit guides.

Descriptors: Figures pertaining to the spiritualized human, such as saints, spirits and gurus. The yang aspect pertains to the ability to see and reach the future, and perform strategic planning measures; the yin functions relates to self-image and self-perception.

Source of: Insight.

Seat of: Visions and visioning.

Key Word: Vision.

Energy Type: Cerebral; the front of the third eye draws energy from the brain and the seventh chakra.

Physical Communication Style: Uses ability to see, draw, or otherwise project images to communicate or determine physical or emotional needs or desires.

Psychic Communication Style: Called clairvoyance (Clear seeing), this chakra can help us internally visualize images, including colors, symbols, forms, metaphors and literal or figurative pictures of beings, events, or ideas from the past, present, or future. This ability also pertains to being to live our divine identity by expressing purpose, and the yin ability to take in energies essential to feeding our spiritual nature.

Source of: Divine awareness.

Seat of: Our oneness with all.

Key Word: Divinity.

Energy Type: Ketheric, a materialized form of spiritual energy originating beyond the earth’s space/time continuum.

Physical Communication Style: Describes our physical needs and emotional desires through our thoughts and any actions that feed our purpose.

Psychic Communication Style: A higher level of kinesthetic awareness felt as divine inspiration, metatonic or peak experiences, spiritual awakenings and the like.

Problems: Immune system disorders; cancers; bone disorders; nervous system disorders. All problems relating to the pineal gland, which operates as the psychic attunement, and purpose center also as an immune system regulator. Learning disorders or difficulties; schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, neurosis or psychosis; major depression. Headaches; dizziness or light-headedness. Dissociation or being ungrounded; imbalance of any type; lack of self-understanding; lack of direction.

Contains: The receptive means for understanding path and purpose.

Mental Belief: Development of beliefs about body-image, self-image, gender potentials and plans for the future.

Feeling Component: Contains feelings about the self and self-image, plus feelings about our gender and its capabilities.

Physical Processes: Era of sexual development and our masculine or feminine nature.

Kalesvara Mudra: This mudra calms the flood of thoughts; it calms agitated feelings. The more calm we become, the longer the time periods between the thoughts. We become clearer; we make new observations about ourselves; we can seek and find solutions. Put your hands before the lower part of your breast. The middle fingers are straight and touch at the tops, pointing forward. The other fingers are bended and touch at the upper two phalanges. The thumbs point towards you and touch at the tops.

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