Musical Birth Chart – Realigning with the Original Self

We believe that planets are not inert or dead bodies. Each planet has a unique nature, all of them with beneficial qualities. Because we as humans are here to learn specific lessons, designated planets are in place, setting us on a particular path. Because of the lack or excess of planetary energies the “imbalance” can tend towards deficits in behavior, health, energetics and more.

How do we balance this defect? All we need is your birth date. Then the next step is for us to determine the harmonic deficiency of the elements and attempt to clear any impure or out of balance energies that can cause disease and suffering. Plain and simple, with Musical Tone Balancing we try to supplement the elemental properties that may be deficit and restore your balance and health along with unfolding the inner powers and abilities contained in the full harmonic wheel. In fact, it tends to restore health because it gives the means to bring elements into harmonious relationships.

“The Solar Lord is playing His music on twelve planetary notes. The goal of each person is to make that solar music echo on his own aura and find creative expression through it, until ‘as above, so below’ is realized…. Eventually the aura becomes a wheel of twelve spokes, which revolve at such incredible speed that it appears as if the wheel is standing still, and all twelve rays are clearly seen.”

But we don’t use just the tone, frequency or note. We have gone another step creating a more complex harmonic bed of sound. With Musical Tone Balancing we use the triad chords, used by Pythagoras – embodying the model for all creation and manifestation. The three-note chord for each zodiacal sign is composed of:

  • The Key note, Tonic, or Root note This relates to the Physical/Etheric level.
  • The second note that is a Third interval to the Root note. This relates to the Emotional/Astral level.
  • The third note that creates a Perfect Fifth interval. This relates to the Causal/Soul level.

The Third interval is used as a “return of the human being into the structure of his own organization.” It corresponds with the sentient being. The Fifth elevates one’s consciousness to travel beyond the physical realm into the vastness of pure soul awareness. The conscious soul. The Perfect Fifth relates to the Trine in astrology, 120 degrees, considered the most harmonious of aspects. In ancient times, Fifths were considered “temple music.” The Fifth provides a great tonic for our energy field.

The goal is to have all twelve planetary chords figured into the composition to meet the whole spectrum of energies of the great solar wheel. Over a period of time, by listening to this personal composition, these triad frequencies can be worked with to break up old crystallized energies in your energy field.


Getting Started

Thank you so much for honoring us with the “sound essence” of who you are. It is a joy to do this work and we hope that it is as profound for you as it is for us.

What We Need From You

Please send us your:
If you don’t have your time, your chart can be rectified for an additional cost of $35.00.


Personal Astrological Sound Healing:
The cost is $170.00. This includes the producer, studio time, explanation, MP3, and hard copy of disk sent through the mail. You will receive your materials within 60 days.

Rectifying Natal Chart

The method we use to rectify charts dates back to the mid 1600’s and is exactly what some say the greatest astrologer, William Lilly used. There are very few astrologers in the world familiar with this method.

If you don’t know when you were born, it is possible to deduce the time of birth from the known events of life. For this purpose we need a list of 7 or more major events, the month and the date if possible. The more drastic the event, the more useful it is likely to be in rectification work. Examples of such events are: surgery, accidents, financial losses or gains, major illnesses, or losses, marriages or divorces, death of someone close. You will receive your materials within 60 days.

We offer a variety of Sound Therapy Services.

Learn more about each service below.

Sound Therapy Training


Music is used to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

Healing Modalities


We offer a variety of healing modalities including a Therapeutic Sound Table, Singing Bowls, Bar Chimes, and Tuning Forks.

Pre Natal Sound Therapy


In more ancient times, it was understood that the first language lesson happens before birth and in the womb.