Third Chakra

This is your solar plexus, known also as the power center. Here resides a reservoir of untapped will and heroism. When this chakra is healthy, we understand our potential and are motivated to explore it. When blocked we may feel “butterflies in our stomach” or suffer other stomach woes. A blocked power center makes us act and feel powerless. The opposite problem happens when this energy-center is too broad. The third chakra is highly complex. “It functions as the storage house for the judgments, opinions, and beliefs we have gathered about ourselves and the world. These judgments, in turn, affect our self-esteem and self-confidence. Perhaps this is why this center is seen as the source of cognition, the “knowingness” that tells us how to operate within the framework of school, society, and the world. This center is especially important for men, who, I believe must rely on it as their decision making point instead of the first Chakra. This chakra also correlates to our digestive process and interrelates with the organs located within in.

At age two-and-a-half, we begin to actively explore the world. Natural curiosity has us seeking to understand the way things work, how people react to us, and how powerful we are. Responses from our immediate relationships and from the world at large greatly affect our opinions about self and other, especially with regard to personal power. IF these responses are supportive, we will adopt beliefs about the world such as, “I am effective” or “My personality is all right.” If the responses judge or shunt our behavior, we might conclude “I am wrong” or “I don’t know anything.” The third chakra stores and implements biases, judgments, and prejudices about ourselves and others.

As the “mind of the body,” the third chakra affects thinking processes, attitudes, and the intuitive process of mental empathy. Even more significantly, it affects beliefs relating to cognitive development, self and the world, and formative beliefs about the world and our place in it. This chakra holds beliefs about power, abilities, and how we affect the environment. Linked to the physical body, the third chakra completes the formation of our mind/body connection. This chakra can now pass judgments down to the second chakra, resulting in emotions (the combination of feeling and thought). Given that the third chakra regulates our digestive and regulatory functions, our self-esteem will continue to affect not only these physical processes but our ability to use life energy to achieve our desires.


Point: Solar Plexus

Physical Processes: Gaining control of physical functions and developing the mind/body connection.

Spiritual Perceptions: Relate to the soul’s ability to make an impact on the world and achieve success. Origin of issues regarding interplay between life energy and the world.  Spiritually, our deserving issues tend to get locked in place at this age. If we think we can make an impact on the world and that we deserve to do so, we will be ready to meet and master any challenges. If we don’t believe in ourselves, mainly because the important people in our life don’t believe in us, our lives may play out differently.

Color: Yellow

Emotions:  Sacred, Power (when attacked usually on your personal power), Personal, Cleansing, Cheer, Happiness Upliftment, Ego, Willpower, Energy, Focus, Enthusiasm, Self-Worth

Tone: E

Vowel: OH

Crystal Correction: Golden Beryl is a light, lemon yellow stone that directs will and improves confidence. Consequently, it is fantastic for 3rd Chakra blockages. Placing this stone two inches above your navel will free your power center, helping you to realize your goals. For those overwhelmed by this Chakra, green jade is in order. This soothing stone helps channel our passions gently and harmlessly, and reduces negative impulses towards others. Other Crystals and Gems: Amber, Gold, Gold Calcite, Citrine gold Tigers Eye

Location: 4 Fingers above the Navel

Essential Oil: Sacred Mountain or (Release Oil)

Kabbalah:  Hod (left side female); Divine Force Elohim Tzabaoth – God of wisdom and harmony (Divine overseeing of science, knowledge, evolution)

Archangel: Michael – Angel of balance, protection (brings patience, protects against psychic dangers)

Spirits Most Accessible: Beni Elohim – Divine Sons and daughters (Transmit divine consciousness and desire for the divine).

Netzach (right side male); Divine force available: Jehovah Tzabaoth-God of Hosts (Divine assistance with proper expression of emotions)

Archangel Most Accessible: Haniel – Angel of Love and harmony (Assist in artistic/creative endeavors)

Spirits Most Accessible:  Elohim- Gods and goddesses (of all traditions) Protectors of religion, beliefs, inspire right decisions.

Age: 2 ½ – 4 ½ years old

Psychological: Works to Influence Mental Attitude Enabling Good Nature, Contentment and Happiness in whatever choice is made. Food issues planted in this Chakra. Open Personality

Element: Fire Center

Mantra: I am conscious which allows me to move out of Mass Consciousness and Manifest Christ Consciousness

Physical: Low Stomach, Stomach Digestion, Bowels, Release Liver

Symptoms When Unbalanced:

Visual: Cut the chords

Descriptors: Air elements and airborne entities, including birds. The yang presence involves expression of self in the world; the yin aspect concerns opinions and judgments about self and others.

Source of: Personal power, self and other judgments, intellectual understanding of physical/worldly existence; men’s power.

Seat of:  Self-esteem, power, directed will, ability to discern; male identity.

Key Words: Power, discrimination.

Energy Type: Mental, intellectual.

Physical Communication Style:  Perceived as ideas, thoughts or intellectual understandings that register at gut-level to help us succeed, interface in the world, deal with people, and make effective decisions.

Psychic Communication Style: Known as mental empathy or clairsentience (clear sensing), the means of knowing or sensing something that while it can be justified, isn’t rational. This information usually applies to working through issues of personal power and self or other judgments.

Intuitive Communication Style: Use of mental empathy to effectively achieve a position in the world which will help the soul achieves its purpose. Data received or generated usually creates situations, opportunities and events to benefit the soul and self as a whole.

Problems: Digestive and metabolic disorders, weight issues, feelings of confusion or craziness, power issues. When linked with heart, co-dependency and caretaking (mixing up love and power needs).

Different Organs: Liver problems indicate anger with men or male self; spleen disorders indicate female anger and defense issues, or faulty use of female power; stomach problems indicate swallowing others’ opinions or thoughts; gallbladder troubles indicate resentments, grief about men, our male self or achievement in the world; pancreas disorders indicate the ability to take in or hold the “sweetness“ in life or having been smothered, over-mothered, or under-nurtured. The adrenals and kidneys are shared with the second chakra, and so reflect issues of power and feelings – the adrenals hold beliefs regarding our creative reactions to perceived dangers or opportunities; the kidneys hold childhood perceptions regarding emotional needs.

Contains: Opinions, differentiated beliefs.

Mental Belief: Affects beliefs relating to cognitive development, self and the world, and formative beliefs about the world and our place in it. Holds beliefs about power, abilities, and how we affect the environment.

Feeling Component: Origin of fears and self-esteem.

Put your hands before your stomach, slightly below your solar plexus. Let the fingers join at the tops, all pointing away from you. Cross the thumbs. It is important to straighten the fingers.

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