Therepeutic Sound Music

Why is Therapeutic Sound and Sayonic Music™ Different?

This music is trademarked and researched based with wellness in mind. The compositions are exquisite to the ear as they include deep fields of harmonics.

These compositions are a combination of the Solfeggio tones, Strategic Frequencies, Ancient Scales, Frequencies of Colors, Portal Tones, Sounds of Nature, Planets within our Solar System and much more.

As much as possible, each tone is sung with the human voice. We use a unique tuning that is resonant with the earth and all things natural.

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My experience with Sayonic Music ™ has been nothing short of miraculous. Not only has listening to the music for a half hour everyday changed my brain allowing me to think more clearly, increased my attention and focus and improved my sleep, it has also facilitated a change in my spine! For my entire adult life I have had a lordatic spine which is a pelvic forward tilt that causes the rib cage to jut out in front. After two weeks of listening to Sayonic Music, my lower back had lengthened and my ribs are more in line with my pelvis. Amazing! I experience walking, dancing and practicing yoga as full of ease. It’s not perfect yet, so I’m still listening. Thanks Kate; you have my deepest gratitude.

20 year veteran Yoga Instructor, Black Belt
West Bloomfield, MI

The popularity of Sayonic 3 continues on. . . I have clients that would like to purchase a cd instead of download, as well as, the office I work in Ann Arbor would be willing to sell the cds.

Terry Purcell, LMT