Healing Dance by Kate Hart | Therapeutic Sound and Wellness

This body of work was composed with a more rhythmical base underpinning the healing tones. All instruments used are tuned to 420 Hz. The human voice is used as a major component of the music (chords, background sounds and more), each note sung multiple times, creating a deep harmonic field.

SYNCHRONICITY – Dance/Meditation
Voice and Lyrics, Tabla, Bass, Rainstick, Djambi, Clapping Hands, Breath, Shaker, Tambourine, Bongos, Bass Drum, Guitar, Himalayan Throat Singing

PRAYER FOR PROTECTION – Dance/Dance Meditation
Solfaggio Scale, Portal Tones, Lyrics in Latin, Venus Frequency, Strings, Vibraphone, Bass, Cello, Viola, Trombone, Violin