Connecting to the Inner-self and the cosmic universe

Bowls, Rain stick, Om Shanti, Portal Tones, Divine Tones/Isaac, Abraham, 126 Hz, Planetary Sounds

Bowls encourage alignment with the divine and repair disruption in the etheric field. Rain Stick used as intentional tool to create a more fluid energy and connection to spirit.

Portal Tones have to do with the physical body. These are the tones that I found in ancient text. Each one of these 12 frequencies represent a major function of the body. i.e. large intestine, spleen, immune system, electrolytes, g-forces, endocrines, kidney, gall bladder, intestine, conception, circulation (constructor), stomach. This is an alignment of the physical.

The tone of Isaac is for strong ascension and awakening intuition. Abraham is Connecting and transformation. Planetary sounds are taken from the NASA recordings – this is the sound of the Sun. 126hz is also the frequency of the sun and is sung by the human voice.

Om Shanti Om is a Vedic Mantra which has religious and philosophical meaning. Om is the is believed to be a sound of the whole cosmic manifestation. Shanti is the “Peace.” Om Shanti means peace for everything in the cosmic manifestation.