Releasing the Self from Addiction

Portal Tones – Is an alignment of the physical found in ancient text, these 12 frequencies represent a major function of the body. i.e. large intestine, spleen, immune system, electrolytes, g-forces, endocrines, kidney, gall bladder, intestine, conception, circulation (constructor), stomach. Bowls encourage alignment with the divine and repair disruption in the etheric/physical field. Chimes, Jupiter NASA recordings, Tone of G, Mars for Polarity 289/288 Hz, and 317.83 Hz and E flat for the liver.

Divine Tones have each been sung 12 times increasing a “bed” of divine harmonics. These Divine Tones govern awakening to a perfect state, expressions, solutions, facilitate change, transformation, miracles, reconnecting, relationships, reduce pain, influence energy fields, turn grief into joy.

The Sun NASA recordings, Yellow, Gabriel, Raphael, Tablet of Union, Anchoring the Higher Self, Violet/Etheric Double, Mars, Pythagorean Tone Generator for Alignment, Frequencies for Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins. Elements i.e. Rain stick for Water, Monolini for Air, Wind, Bowls for Earth.

Crystal Pyramids -Vibrations re-tune the listener’s body, initially by opening, clearing, and re-balancing each of the 7 chakras (etheric energy centers), Throat Singing to clear disrupted energy in the physical, Frequencies for Kidneys, Pituitary, Thyroid stimulation, Earth NASA Recordings.

Toning the word “Kung” – This word is the sound that in ancient times, Chinese healers heard when hitting two pieces of jade together over their patient’s bodies. The vibration of the sound was thought to have tremendous healing properties. Frequencies for Beta, Heart, Clarity and Balance.

Highly Beneficial when listening with headphones.