Frequencies to Eradicate Candida

Frequencies to disrupt the cells of Candida and Fungus; Ultra Violet; Isochronic Tones to disrupt Bacillinum, fungus and mold; Frequencies for Tea Tree Oil; 528 Hz to help repair the body at cellular level; frequency to stimulate the pituitary Gland; Ultra Sound to kill Chitin Synthase Enzymes (without this, Candida cannot reproduce); 384.2 and 388.4 Hz affecting the fungus; Frequencies for The Sun, Vitamin D, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Magnesium, Zinc, Moving the blood, Releasing Emotional Patterns and the Lung (In Eastern Medicine, the Lung (yin) is paired with the Large Intestine (yang).

When we hold in our emotions. We become stagnated which can cause constipation. Because of this internal/physical stress, this can cause digestive processes which then allows for bacteria overgrowth and a breeding ground for candida. 396 Hz for Lack of “self” can cause fungal infections). Bowls; Crystal Pyramids and Bowls; Voice Tones for balance of the stomach, adrenals, thyroid, kundalini, kidneys, normal lymph stimulation; pineal gland; endocrine system; thyroid; hypothalamus; intestine; large intestine; F# for the heart. The low pulse is the rhythm and frequency of the lymph system. Added tones for energy fields. The word “Kung.” This word is the sound that in ancient times, Chinese healers heard when hitting two pieces of jade together over their patient’s bodies. The vibration of the sound was thought to have tremendous healing properties.

The Bowls encourage alignment with the divine and repair disruption in the etheric field. Crystal Pyramid’s vibrations re-tune the listener’s body, initially by opening, clearing, and re-balancing each of the 7 chakras (etheric energy centers) Frequencies for the Sacral, Solar plexus and Gall Bladder. The NASA Recordings and frequencies for the Moon (Cancer), Mercury (Virgo), Pluto, Sun and Mars. Toned chords for Stomach and Intestines (OOO VAM RAM OM RAM), Portal Tones (Ancient Tones) for Large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Small Intestine. Sound of Whales:

The spiritual context is the ancient symbol of Jonah living in the belly of the whale (cave of initiation) where the soul is being spiritually reborn. The cave is the womb of Earth, the traditional meeting ground of the divine and human selves, and the place of the second birth. Spiritual resurrection from a cave, grave, or chamber/pyramid indicating a new beginning, soul renewal, and attunement to one’s divine mission. The tomb or cavern is identical in meaning to the whale of matter that encases and conceals the spirit Jonah inside. 10 various frequencies toned for the esophagus.