Portal Tones- Clearing the major physical functions of the body. Chords for Capricorn. We have used three note chords for the zodiacal sign and the planet that rules it, Saturn. – The Key note, Tonic, or Root note associated with the astrological sign. This relates to the Physical/Etheric level. The second note that is a Third interval to the Root note. This relates to the Emotional/Astral level. – The third note that creates a Perfect Fifth interval. This relates to the Causal/Soul level. Over a period of time, and according to your intention, these triad frequencies can be worked with to break up old crystallized energies in your energy field. As well, every month specific astrological energies overshadow us and it is beneficial to work with the zodiac chords of the specific month, especially at the time of the full moon when we are showered with their illumination.