Therapeutics with Tuning Forks

Therapeutics with Tuning Forks, is a subtle yet effective bio-acoustic therapy. When tapped, the tuning forks create sound waves that re-tune the client spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, creating coherence so the body can heal itself.

A tuning fork precisely emits a frequency of pure sound. With this sound the body (energetically) locates and targets unbalanced areas as the body resonates with the pure tone. The quality of a tuning fork greatly affects the ability to heal. All tuning forks are made by credible vendors with stellar reputations.

tuning fork

Benefits Include:

  • Promotes Relaxation

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  • Promotes Emotional and Energetic Balance

  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation

  • Improves Sleeping

  • Helps us to Release Unresolved Feelings and Emotions

  • Promotes Inner Peace and Calmness

  • Promotes Personal Growth

  • Heightens Awareness

  • Balances the Chakra System

What Does A Session Look Like?

Each session is geared toward that particular individual’s needs. The music played in the background is a combination of Nature, BioAcoustic Earth Related Tones and Solfaggio/Ancient Tones offering a unique experience in Sound.

A tuning fork session begins with an Ohm chime. The Ohm chime represents sustenance, nurturance, and wholeness and helps in providing the balance needed to complete our destiny blissfully. In sound healing application of the Ohm tone is effective in part because it is thoroughly positioned in the seasons, cycles, rhythms and pulses of life itself.

Next a series of various tuning forks are used on multiple points on the body. This combines both weighted and unweighted tuning forks. The weighted tuning forks are placed directly on the body while the unweighted tuning forks are used within the etheric field surrounding the body. A crystal tuner is used on the lower part of the body.

Following is an appropriate celestial chime tracing a sacred geometrical pattern around the body. Next a relevant protocol is applied around the head area. The session is completed with the Ohm chime for final balance and grounding.

Transforming disrupted frequencies into a cohesive harmonious field allowing the body to do what it does best which is to heal.


Located in Palm Coast, FL at Vedic Moons

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24 hours notice is needed to cancel or you will be charged $40.