Therapeutic and Performance Movement with Sayonic Music™

Healing Movement with Therapeutic Sound is a unique protocol honoring the power of individual responsibility and the choices leading to creative physical healing. Through Healing Movement with  Sayonic ™ Sound a conscientious acknowledgment of the complete being is achieved.

Each session is developed by considering the emotional and mental expression of the individual as it appears in the form of the physical body.

A movement plan is tailored to each person’s processes and experiences, and encourages them to be true to their authentic self while focusing on smoothness of motion, increased mobility, self-control, and a release of predetermined outcomes.

Using a creative approach, Patricia will help you identify movements and patterns to be used in the treatment of an injury or limitation. With the use of Patricia’s techniques, a mindful environment is maintained with focus on the present moment, embracing the fullness of being, and clearing a path for the healing process. Being present begins with NOTICING the collaboration of mind and motion. In being present, you accept the moment as it is now.

Dari Pfeiffer performing on Silks to the composition “Blaze”
Choreographer: Dari Pfeiffer
Composer: Kate Hart