Prenatal Development and Sound Therapy – Teaching the New Born’s Mother to Tone

Why should you do the toning?

Women have sung lullabies either while pregnant or to their newborns. In more ancient times, it was understood that the first language lesson happens before birth and in the womb. Yes, the mother’s voice is heard through speaking but more importantly through song. All of this is done through bone conduction and in my opinion in the very essence of our cells. It is a fact that when the baby is in the mother’s womb, he/she can hear her. Sound travels from the voice box through the spinal column and reaches the developing baby. Can this simple act prevent families from some of the trauma they may have to go through?

The ear develops early in the gestation process, by the third week. It is functional by the 16th week, listening by the 26th week. Beginning toning in the 26th week is highly recommended since the sound of healing is most developed out of all the senses. Numerous studies have been done where the heart of the fetus is soothed by music.

“(Rhythm) is there in the cycles of the seasons, in the migrations of the birds and animals, in the fruiting and withering of plants, and in the birth, maturation and death of ourselves.
— Hart told a Senate panel studying music therapy.
— REUTERS, Aug. 1, 1991.

Dr. Henry Truby, Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics and Linguistics at the University of Miami, states that after the sixth month, the fetus moves in rhythm to the mother’s speech and that spectrographs of the first cry of an abortus could be matched with the mother’s. The elements of music, namely tonal pitch, timbre, intensity and rhythm, are also elements used in speaking a language. For this reason, music prepares the ear, body and brain to listen to, integrate and produce language sounds.” And because music is more accessible to children than phonics, it may have benefits in regards to literacy skills.

Giselle Whitwell studies have found: “Uterine sounds form a “sound carpet” over which the mother’s voice in particular appears very distinct and which the fetus gives special attention to because it is so different from its own environment. These sounds are of major importance because they establish the first patterns of communication and bonding. Some researchers discovered that newborns become calmer and more-self regulated when exposed to intra-uterine sound (Murooka, et. Al., 1976; DeCasper, 1983; Rossner, 1979).”

Dr. Alfred Tomatis’ studies have revealed the following:

  • Decrease in labor time between control groups and groups who were prepared with the Tomatis Method.
  • The uterine dynamic of the women in the Tomatis group was greatly improved.
  • Babies of mothers in the Tomatis group had a superior birth weight to a gestational age that was more advanced.
  • Babies from the Tomatis group recouped faster and better than control group babies.
  • A lesser need to use instrumental

Intervention with the Tomatis group mothers:

  • The quality of their dreams was peaceful and positive.
  • They did not experience the usual feeling at the end of pregnancy of being inhibited, strained or “handicapped.”
  • The disappearance of back pains
  • A normal walk
  • Better Listening
  • Increase in creativity
  • Their “psyche was on top of things”
  • The babies were calmer in the womb
  • Mothers felt more “well” and calm returning home with their babies.
  • The quality of the immediate bonding and mother / child relationship was improved.
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