Sayonic 3 Language of Frequency by Kate Hart

Research shows that coherence within biochemical processes is essential for sustaining a dynamic equilibrium that maintains the health of the organism.


Sayonic Therapy™ is a healing modality that was developed to assist in restoring coherence to the energy fields of the body by utilizing specific, targeted healing frequencies from the restorative patterns in nature. Our initial research indicates that Sayonic™ Therapy can be an effective healing modality based on the principles of energy medicine that assists in establishing coherence in the physical as well as in the energetic body placing a person in an optimal state for healing.

Spirit Evolution, Crystal Meditation, Quartz Bowls – representative of the Tree of Life, Metal Bowls Solfeggio Scale Crystal Pyramids Water, Storm, Throat Singing, Tibetan Throat Singers/Chanting Kung, Colors, Following the Chakras, Toning following the Chakras Western Scale, Bowls, Triads, First Major Scale and then Minor Scale, Schumann Harmonic Frequency.