Clearing Disrupted Energy in the Stomach, Colon, Digestion and Esophogus

Most of these frequencies have been toned with the human voice. Frequencies for the Stomach, Sacral, Solarplex, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Colon, and Gall Bladder. The NASA Recordings and frequencies for the Moon (Cancer), Mercury (Virgo), Pluto, Sun and Mars. Toned chords for Stomach and Intestines (OOO VAM RAM OM RAM), Portal Tones (Ancient Tones) for Large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Small Intestine. Sound of Whales: The spiritual context is the ancient symbol of Jonah living in the belly of the whale (cave of initiation) where the soul is being spiritually reborn.

The cave is the womb of Earth, the traditional meeting ground of the divine and human selves, and the place of the second birth. Spiritual resurrection from a cave, grave, or chamber/pyramid indicating a new beginning, soul renewal, and attunement to one’s divine mission.

The tomb or cavern is identical in meaning to the whale of matter that encases and conceals the spirit Jonah inside. 10 various frequencies toned for the esophagus.