Circle of Sound

Clearing Anomalies, Strengthening and Connecting Eye Issues

Opening and Connecting the Heart and Third Eye in Relationship to Pi

Solfeggio Frequencies:

  • 396 Turn Grief into Joy
  • 528 Transformation and Miracles
  • 639 Connecting Relationships
  • 963 Awaken Perfect State
  • 285 Influence Energy Fields
  • 852 Returning to Spiritual Order, Pi (Golden Ratio),
  • F# (connection between the heart and the Pineal Gland)
  • Violet for the Heart Flame and activating the pineal gland
  • Portal tones which have to do with the physical body.

Found in ancient text, each one of these 12 frequencies represent a major function of the body. i.e. large intestine, spleen, immune system, electrolytes, g-forces, endocrines, kidney, gall bladder, intestine, conception, circulation (constructor), stomach. This is an alignment of the physical. Sound of planet Neptune NASA recording (6th Chakra). Sound of Saturn NASA recording, Chord CEG for the Head, Color Red, 438.1 removing crystallization of disrupted cell, Frequencies for eye and thread worms, eye disorders, eyesight 350 hz, eyeball/optical 18.98 hz.

Tree of Life: Saphkiel/Binah toning AyeLam in A, Ratziel/Toning Shama in E.