If We Don’t Know Anything, Why Are We Afraid To Try New Things?

If we don't know anything why are we afraid to try new things

August 1 marks our first month at Vedic Moons with our BSER Protocol. The combination of Scalar Waves, Terahertz Frequencies and Bio Acoustic Sound has been a game changer. So many people are having positive results.

The support that we have had from Erica at Vedic Moons, with everything else she has going on, has been incredibly appreciated. Her attention to detail and willingness to promote the practitioners in her store is a real treat. A shout out to her hubby, Ryan who hurried and got the room ready for us a month ahead of time. We so appreciate all of his hard work.

We really didn’t now what to expect as we opened our doors. We are presenting cutting edge technology to people that may not be open to anything except mainstream medicine. However, times are changing. What many of us said would take place is taking place – we will heal through waves and frequencies. Given that the entire universe is made up of harmonics, why would any one doubt that would become a reality.

Which brings me to the subject that I want to address. I am now in my early 70’s and with this reality I have realized how little I actually know. We have been lied to about everything.. Everything. How the cosmos works. Mainstream Health Care. Religion. Politics. Our connection to nature and why it is key to our survival and an elevated consciousness. How we educate our children. The importance of Spiritual Health which influences Mental and then Physical well being – therefore treating patients accordingly. Banking/Financial System. Modern and Ancient History. Diet. How we Grow Our Food. Fluoride in our water. Our Calendar. Our Timelines. Life on other Planets……….should I stop there? So then I have to ask, why do I assume I am right about anything?

The only way out for me, was to read everything I could get my hands on. But that meant, I had to go off the beaten track to find any truths. I started with some really esoteric material. Walter Russell, Rudolph Steiner, Michael Cremo, Tesla, Spaulding, John Nash, Taoism, East Indian Philosophy for starters. In addition, I found several YouTube shows that touched a variety of topics by learned people. (Forum Borealis and Higher Side Chats are two of my favorites) I began to create new points of reference and connecting many of the missing dots. (Well maybe hidden dots would be a more accurate description). Only now, is life beginning to make sense.

Understanding the Deep Connection To Our Earth Mother

One of the biggest disconnects is understanding the consciousness of all living things. In many of the indigenous cultures, 70 years old, is the beginning of one’s true education. It is supposed to be a time that is marked by influence, experience and our relationship to all things on this planet. However, this is where many end their education, become stuck in their ways, angry with the world that it did not meet their expectations, don’t feel well and/or begin to isolate. Isn’t this the antithesis of what life is supposed to become? Frankly, while I am lucky enough to be on this planet, I want every single day to be a day of new experiences, knowledge and a connection to my dear mother earth. This has been the door to the fundamentals of all knowledge.

The women and men of ancient cultures taught the sacred stories of our connection to Gaia/Sophia, Planet Earth. In their teachings the earth is the savior of humanity because she endows the human species with a special power, our imagination (epinoia) This is the faculty we need to consciously engage in. In other words, our Earth Mother depends upon humanity to claim and evolve our own innate potential so that she can complete her divine desire to have an intimate rapport with those who inhabit her.

Don’t you see? We are intimately intertwined with our Earth Mother. It is through a collective, specific intention that we will move into the most meaningful existence. Once we connect with the Divine Mother, the deep knowing that our spirit is in search of will find it’s anchor. I have turned my upward gaze inward to where the “I AM’ lives. The internal God seed that understands there is no such thing as separation in anything that is before us. The Goddess Sophia’s story is ongoing as she never gives up, always believing that we will become what she has imagined. I am tired of letting her and myself down. I continue with an open mind, a loving heart knowing that the Divine Earth Mother can hear and feel my every thought. I love you, Mother Earth. It is from you that all life springs. It is from you that my imagination will live on even after I depart from this beautiful planet. It is from you that I thank you for this meaningful life. May we all continue with our purposeful lives.

Sending you a ton of love,

Kate Hart