Dancing In The Spirit Of The Turtle

Dancing in the spirit of the turtle. Turtle swimming in blue water.

In this world of immediate gratification (or immediate access to everything), “wanting things to happen right now” can be a sign of immaturity. However, in our defense, it is a sign of the times that we are living in. Many of us are under the assumption that time has sped up. Of course, it hasn’t because:

  1. There is no such thing as time.
  2. The only thing that makes us believe there is something called time is the action of events.

If nothing happened, we would have no concept of time. Events create an illusion of time. So the question to ask is why are we in such a hurry for everything? Are we not, negating the full experiences of spiritual, physical and mental processes? Letting go of what made us sick in the first place? A disconnection form source? Ancestral memory? Victimization of our own doing? These and many factors for ill health are significant for everyone. No one gets a “get out of jail free card.” These processes are huge. I know for me, that when I am letting go of any of the above issues, there is a process that should be honored.

Our human body is an open system maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between order and chaos. The structures within our human body, both physical and energetic, contain information. Change the structure and you change the information. Change the information and you change the structure.

Often in my work I find myself managing expectations. The years that I have worked as a practitioner have shown me how I can be most useful when working with a client. One is patience. Just because we know what the issues are doesn’t mean they go away. As a matter of fact, they don’t go anywhere. Like the crack in the tree struck by lightening, the tree continues to grow around it’s wound incorporating it, into it’s experience. Most of my work, especially with the EESystem is managing expectations. Our bodies need time to process information. We don’t get to skip over the “uncomfortable.” My favorite is “I already processed that. It’s no longer an issue” Really? Because, I have been working on my health for years and I can tell you that even though I “dealt” with events, they are definitely a part of the fabric of who I am. As a matter of fact, acknowledging this, is when it becomes much less of an issue. With patience, is love and compassion. I have no agenda other than, I know that every single person on the planet, can improve their health. The body wants to heal. Know that and we have a beautiful beginning to an incredible journey. However, I do feel the value of the EESystem gets to our issues “eventually.” Are there miraculous recoveries, sure. But to expect it, is a recipe for disappointment.

Coyote appears introducing new information in ways we had not previously considered, often in the form of trauma or illness that can alter the entire trajectory of our life-path. The structure of the system rearranges to assimilate the new information. Everything appears to break down during the period of chaos and reformation. This explains why healing is often a bumpy ride; healing requires the breakdown and elimination of that which no longer serves our inner Essence.

What I have learned in the last 55 years of taking on health issues is that I have acquired a deep understanding of how my body works, the value of patience, and an ownership of my life. In retrospect, I would not have done it any other way. Turning 71 years old, slow and steady, celebrating good health, longevity and most importantly valued experience builds a deep compassion for others.

Many of us have been in a state of illness, dis-ease or low potential. New information/patterns can produce a state of seeming discomfort while striving to assimilate new information manifesting a state in semblance with a higher order. Healing requires the breakdown and elimination of that which no longer serves the Human Essence.

“Healing takes time. We are multi-dimensional beings; true healing must unfold and manifest throughout every level of our being. Sometimes it is a bumpy ride, with Coyote in the passenger seat, illuminating a deep perseverance,teaching us the depths of spirit we may not have known we possess.”

I hear practitioners say “We need to learn to love ourselves.” I fully agree. Yes, we do. So while loving ourselves (and others), this should be remembered and included while we take on the trifecta of good health. This is not a race. Life is not about skipping over the hard part but instead incorporating the soft light of a candle illuminating while believing the journey is impactful and necessary. I believe with the Coyote as our teacher, the Universal One firmly in mind, both in tow while dancing in the spirit of the Turtle, is a journey, a life’s path to be shared within and without. Shared with all living beings while remembering we can become everything we have imagined we can be.