Project Description


Transformation – A Composition of Musical Movements for Recoding and Alignment


In Her Words:
I have wandered into what I think is brand new territory for sound, or better yet, maybe rediscovered information that has been around since before the Egyptians. With this new work, I have looked to my teachers and clients for validation in regards to the healing component. All have confirmed what I had already suspected, but it was a reading that came from Metatron that caught all of our attention.

In His Words:
The frequencies that you have, are a form of beautiful music that will awaken the 12 aspects of light within the human DNA. The sequences activate 12 basic sugar codes or chemical bases within the human DNA sequence. These will work in a physical way to recombine the human molecular structure, to open it to the next stage of light. These “tones” are the ones that are most important for the sugar bases in the DNA sequencing. The DNA sequencing is made up of two chemical bases which we refer to as chemicals that are protein or sugar. These work specifically on the sugar bases, recombining them, changing the way that they link in into the chemical bases of proteins and synthesizing the way that they respond to light in a whole new capacity.

We highly recommend a sub-woofer along with good speakers to truly feel the effect of this music. However, good headphones will work.