Healing Frequencies For a Shifting Planet

The Power of Vibrational Medicine: Healing with the Bioacoustics of Nature
Dr. Gretchen Weger Snell / Kate Hart

Sayonic Music – An innovative compilation of deep harmonic fields that restores balance within the human energy field through resonance with the healing frequencies of nature.

About the Researcher: Gretchen Weger Snell, PhD, DNM is a clinician and researcher in the field of natural and energy medicine.  She utilizes traditional healing methods in combination with the latest technological advances in the field of alternative and natural health care to teach clients to build health naturally.  In addition, Dr. Snell is an instructor and faculty member at the Institute of Natural Health Sciences in Farmington, Michigan. For more information, visit: http://www.naturalpathconsulting.com About the Composer: Multi Grammy nominated, Kate Hart began her musical journey in 1969.  While touring and garnering awards for her performances, Kate developed and taught “Connecting to Your Core Voice”.  This teaching produced powerful improvements in both self-expression and health parameters for clients of all ages. Kate’s work naturally progressed into utilizing sound as a therapeutic modality. Combined with her studies of ancient cultures, Kate discovered frequencies that are related to deep alignment and healing. Researching frequencies and their harmonic fields has resulted a unique process trademarked as “Sayonic Music” ™. Clients as well as numerous health care practitioners are currently using Kate’s music therapeutically.  For more information: http://therapeuticsoundandwellness.com/the-institute  
www.radicalgardener.net The Healing Power of the Human Energy Field – Measuring Results

We have the power to affect our health to a far greater capacity than we have been lead to believe.  Each of us possesses a system that communicates information in […]

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Scientific Research for Music and Sound Therapy

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