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Sayonic Therapeutic Sound – Measuring the Healing Effects of Bioacoustic Frequencies

This project was based on the philosophy that illness is initiated by imbalances in the body’s subtle energy fields, and as such this is where we must shift our focus in the healing process. Since illness is initiated by imbalances in the energy systems of the body, methods to detect and to correct these imbalances should be an integral part of a comprehensive health system. With advanced technology, we are now able to observe and monitor the presence of the subtle energies that have been previously undetectable by conventional methods. Clinical experience has proven that changes that affect the healing process can be detected on an energetic level prior to physical manifestation.

It has been determined that every cell, tissue and organ has a unique resonant frequency, which when operating efficiently, resonate and work harmoniously together. When these optimal frequencies are disrupted, impedance in the flow of energy creates a challenge for our cells to communicate and function properly. Regulation and communication within living organisms can no longer adequately be explained through strictly chemical or mechanical means. More than merely nanomolecular concentrations of chemistry, it is electromagnetic frequencies that attenuate cellular receptors facilitating communication within living organisms. Hence, providing the correct or ‘healthy’ frequency entrains the oscillations back to coherence and restores balance. This opens the possibility for sound therapeutics and bioacoustic frequencies as an option to restore the natural balance. Sayonic Therapy aims to re-introduce sounds that resonate with optimal health so the cells and tissues will begin to vibrate, through harmonic resonance, restoring a higher vibrational pattern so the body can heal itself.

A research project was designed to determine if effects of specific vibrational frequencies in the form of a bioacoustics homocord (Sayonic) could […]

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Scientific Research for Music and Sound Therapy

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